Saturday, May 21, 2011

Above and Beyond the Bell Curve

Africans are the most educated immigrant group in America.
Study examines success of African immigrants

Nigerians are the most educated Americans. 17% have masters degrees double the 7% average in the USA. 4% have doctorates 4x the average.

"Nigerian immigrants have the highest levels of education in this city and the nation, surpassing whites and Asians, according to Census data bolstered by an analysis of 13 annual Houston-area surveys conducted by Rice University."
Bachelor's and Beyond

Saheela Ibraheem, daughters of Nigerian immigrants, 15 year old accepted to Havard.

Saheela Ibraheem--

I found it amusing a lot of my English speaking West African buddies would always say "he is illiterate" or "un-educated" to insult their leaders and people they don't like, which was indicative of the value of education.

Paula and Peter Imafidon 8 year old of Nigerian parents passed the Cambridge Advance Maths A level, in Britain.

Paula and Peter Imafidon--

One must note, most African immigrants(unless one has refuge status) don't get financial aid or support from their governments or the US government for their advance degrees. I know a lot who work to save money for their education. Some stay out of school for semesters, working to save money for school tuition.

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