Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Rocket Stove--less wood and smoke, more fire

A rocket stove is an efficient wood burning stove that produces more flames, less smoke, and uses less wood. The rocket stove typically has a combustion area for placing wood--horizontal tunnel and a chimney--vertical tunnel. Air comes in through the combustion area burning wood, but heat is efficiently distributed, so one does not have instant heat loss. Mudbrick made of sawdust is the most efficient at retaining heat.

The most efficient use mudbricks, mixed with clay and sawdust.

There are numerous configuration and material used:

The most basic rocket stove:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Making an earthen oven

An earthen oven is a simple oven made of earth. It can be used to bake bread, pizza, etc.

To create an earthen oven, a base foundation will be needed, created of rammed earth, mudbrick, cement, etc.

Then a dome of sand, covered with newspaper is formed.

A mud mixture of sawdust, straw, or any binder is mixed. The first layer of mud applied to the sand dome should be more clay than sand called the thermal layer.

A second layer of mud, the insulation layer should be added, but the mud mixture should be more sand than clay.