Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Afro-Asian:the forgotten diaspora


While Afro-descendants in the Americas came from Angola up to Senegal, Asian Afro-descendants came from Mozambique, Tanzania, kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt. They helped Africanize the Indian Ocean. Between 1600-1900 5.5 million slaves were taken to Asia, in the Indian Ocean Trade. It is estimated a total of 7 million from 800 AD to 1600, very unreliable figure. The Indian ocean slave trade was as active as the Atlantic ocean slave trade and much older. African immigrants also came as soldiers, merchants, diplomats, and sailors. Numerous terms have been used to refer to Afro-Asian-habshi, siddi,sidhi, sheedi, nubee, kaffir

Sheedis-Afro-Pakistani, Pakistanis of African descent

Siddis--Afro-descendants in India

Afro-Iraqis -Iraqis of African descent

Afro-Iranians-Iranians of African descent

Sri-Lankan Kaffirs -Afro-descendants in Sri-Lanka

Afro-Turks -Turks of African descent

Famous Turkish Singer Esmeray Gel Tezkere

Afro-Abkhazians -Georgians on the west coast of the Black Sea